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Undefined truss member

A structural member designed to carry loads between or beyond points of support. The orientation of the member (being horizontal, vertical or sloped) is not relevant to its definition (contrary to a beam or column). A member represents a linear structural element from an architectural or structural modeling point of view and shall be used if it cannot be expressed more specifically as either a beam or a column. It can also simply be an architectural element which is non-load bearing.

An undefined truss member is a linear structural member within a truss or girder that cannot be defined as a truss chord, truss strut or truss tie(brace).

IfcElementType IfcMember=IfcExportAs
IfcPredefinedType MEMBER=IfcExportType
Suggested Filename:Truss_Member
Suggested LOD (Design Model) 300
Suggested Primary DisciplineStructural


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Omniclass Table 21 Elements
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Admin data
CreatedByNATSPEC BIMThe name of the person, organisation or library provider that created the object.
CreatedByURLNATSPEC BIMURL hyperlink to the object creator’s website.
ModifiedIssueNATSPEC BIMTo record the last date of issue (version or revision) of the object within an object library. Add the date in the following format <> where the ‘no’ suffix is equal to the number of times the object has been issued on that date. For example 20180316.01.
ReferencePset_MemberCommon (IFC4)Pset_MemberCommon (IFC2x3)Reference ID for a specified type in a project (e.g. type 'A-1'). Also known as Construction type. Provide as an alternative to the name of the object type, if software does not support object types.
Code compliance data
FireRatingNATSPEC BIMPset_MemberCommon (IFC4)Pset_MemberCommon (IFC2x3)Fire rating of object. Also known as the FRL (Fire Resistance Level) e.g. 60/60/60.
FireproofedBIM Forum
Construction logistics data
ConstructionMethodNATSPEC BIM
GrossWeightQto_MemberBaseQuantities (IFC4)IfcMember (IFC2x3)
NetWeightQto_MemberBaseQuantities (IFC4)IfcMember (IFC2x3)Takes all openings or recesses into account.
StatusPset_MemberCommon (IFC4)Status of the object, predominately used in renovation or retrofitting projects.
Cost data
AdditionalTaxNATSPEC BIM
AssetAccountingTypePset_Asset (IFC4)Pset_Asset (IFC2x3)Asset type for accounting purposes.
Complete value with: FIXED, NONFIXED, OTHER, NOTKNOWN or UNSET (PEnum_AssetAccountingType)
AssetInsuranceTypePset_Asset (IFC4)Pset_Asset (IFC2x3)Type of insurance rating.
Complete value with: PERSONAL, REAL, OTHER, NOTKNOWN or UNSET (PEnum_AssetInsuranceType)
AssetTaxTypePset_Asset (IFC4)Pset_Asset (IFC2x3)Type of taxation group.
Complete value with: CAPITALISED, EXPENDED, OTHER, NOTKNOWN or UNSET (PEnum_AssetTaxType)
ConceptualCostNATSPEC BIM
FutureCostAssumptionsNATSPEC BIM
InstallationCostNATSPEC BIM
InstalledCostNATSPEC BIM
PurchaseInformationNATSPEC BIM
RecordedActualCostNATSPEC BIM
TotalOwnershipCostNATSPEC BIM
Facilities management data
AcquisitionDatePset_ManufacturerOccurrence (IFC4)Pset_ManufacturerOccurrence (IFC2x3)Date the item was purchased (Format: YYYY-MM-DD).
AssessmentConditionNATSPEC BIMPset_Condition (IFC4)Overall condition rating based on assessment. Rating scale to be agreed prior (e.g. Good, OK , Poor).
AssessmentDatePset_Condition (IFC4)Date of overall condition assessment (Format: YYYY-MM-DD).
AssessmentDescriptionPset_Condition (IFC4)Qualitative description of the condition.
ExclusionsPset_Warranty (IFC4)Pset_Warranty (IFC2x3)Items, conditions or actions that may be excluded from the warranty or that may cause the warranty to become void.
ExpectedLifeNATSPEC BIMExpected serviceable life of object.
IsExtendedWarrantyPset_Warranty (IFC4)Pset_Warranty (IFC2x3)
Complete value with: TRUE or FALSE (IfcBoolean)
WarrantyContentNATSPEC BIMPset_Warranty (IFC4)Pset_Warranty (IFC2x3)Description of what is included in warranty.
WarrantyEndDateNATSPEC BIMPset_Warranty (IFC4)Pset_Warranty (IFC2x3)Format: YYYY-MM-DD.
WarrantyIdentifierPset_Warranty (IFC4)Pset_Warranty (IFC2x3)Identifier assigned to warranty.
WarrantyPeriodPset_Warranty (IFC4)Pset_Warranty (IFC2x3)
WarrantyStartDateNATSPEC BIMPset_Warranty (IFC4)Pset_Warranty (IFC2x3)Format: YYYY-MM-DD.
Geometric data
AISCShapeTypeSizeBIM Forum
CrossSectionAreaNATSPEC BIMQto_MemberBaseQuantities (IFC4)IfcMember (IFC2x3)
GrossSurfaceAreaQto_MemberBaseQuantities (IFC4)
GrossVolumeNATSPEC BIMQto_MemberBaseQuantities (IFC4)IfcMember (IFC2x3)
LengthNATSPEC BIMQto_MemberBaseQuantities (IFC4)
NetSurfaceAreaQto_MemberBaseQuantities (IFC4)Takes all openings or recesses into account.
NetVolumeQto_MemberBaseQuantities (IFC4)IfcMember (IFC2x3)Takes all openings or recesses into account.
NominalLengthIfcMember (IFC2x3)Typically the primary or larger of the two perpendicular horizontal dimensions of the object.
OuterSurfaceAreaQto_MemberBaseQuantities (IFC4)IfcMember (IFC2x3)
SlopeNATSPEC BIMPset_MemberCommon (IFC4)Pset_MemberCommon (IFC2x3)Slope relative to the horizontal.
SpanPset_MemberCommon (IFC4)Pset_MemberCommon (IFC2x3)
TotalSurfaceAreaIfcMember (IFC2x3)
Manufacturer data
AccessoriesNATSPEC BIMDetails of available accessories.
ArticleNumberPset_ManufacturerTypeInformation (IFC4)Pset_ManufacturerTypeInformation (IFC2x3)Reference applied to product, according to scheme for article number definition defined by manufacturer. Often used as purchasing number.
AssemblyPlaceNATSPEC BIMPset_ManufacturerTypeInformation (IFC4)Defines where assembly is to take place.
Complete value with: SITE, FACTORY or NOTDEFINED (IfcAssemblyPlaceEnum)
BarCodePset_ManufacturerOccurrence (IFC4)Pset_ManufacturerOccurrence (IFC2x3)Bar code given to occurrence of the product.
BatchReferencePset_ManufacturerOccurrence (IFC4)Pset_ManufacturerOccurrence (IFC2x3)Identity of the batch from which the occurrence of the product is taken.
DefectsNATSPEC BIMTo record any defects found.
FabricationSequenceNumberBIM Forum
GlobalTradeItemNumberPset_ManufacturerTypeInformation (IFC4)GTIN is an identifier for trade items developed by GS1 (
ManufacturerNATSPEC BIMPset_ManufacturerTypeInformation (IFC4)Pset_ManufacturerTypeInformation (IFC2x3)Name of the manufacturer (or assembler).
ManufacturerURLNATSPEC BIMURL hyperlink to the manufacturer’s website.
ModelLabelPset_ManufacturerTypeInformation (IFC4)The descriptive model name of the product model (or product line) as assigned by the manufacturer of the manufactured item.
ModelLabelPset_ManufacturerTypeInformation (IFC2x3)The model number and/or unit designator assigned by the manufacturer of the manufactured item.
ModelReferencePset_ManufacturerTypeInformation (IFC4)The model number or designator of the product model (or product line) as assigned by the manufacturer of the manufactured item.
ModelReferencePset_ManufacturerTypeInformation (IFC2x3)The name of the manufactured item as used by the manufacturer.
PointOfContactPset_Warranty (IFC4)Pset_Warranty (IFC2x3)Organization that should be contacted for action under the terms of the warranty.
ProductionYearPset_ManufacturerTypeInformation (IFC4)Pset_ManufacturerTypeInformation (IFC2x3)
SerialNumberPset_ManufacturerOccurrence (IFC4)Pset_ManufacturerOccurrence (IFC2x3)Serial number assigned to an occurrence of a product.
Performance data
ThermalTransmittancePset_MemberCommon (IFC4)Thermal transmittance coefficient (U-Value).
Scheduling data
InstallationSequenceNATSPEC BIM
InstallationTimeNATSPEC BIM
Spatial and location data
Specification data
AESSCategoryBIM Forum
ASTMMaterialGradeBIM Forum
CoatingBIM Forum
FinishNATSPEC BIMSpecification of surface finish.
IsExternalPset_MemberCommon (IFC4)Pset_MemberCommon (IFC2x3)
Complete value with: TRUE or FALSE (IfcBoolean)
LoadBearingPset_MemberCommon (IFC4)Pset_MemberCommon (IFC2x3)Indicates if object is intended to carry loads.
Complete value with: TRUE or FALSE (IfcBoolean)
RollPset_MemberCommon (IFC4)Rotation against the longitudinal axis.
SpecificationCodeNATSPEC BIM
SpecificationSystemNATSPEC BIM
SpecificationTitleNATSPEC BIM
SteelCoatingNATSPEC Spec
SteelGradeNATSPEC Spec
TimberDurabilityClassNATSPEC Spec
TimberSpeciesNATSPEC Spec
TimberStressGradeNATSPEC Spec
TimberTypeNATSPEC Spec
TypicalWeldSpecificationsBIM Forum